Quick update 🙂

As I am waiting in the parking lot to get started shooting a wedding tonight, I thought it would be a good time to unload some thoughts with only FIFTEEN hours before i board my flight to DC!!

Man, I really take for granted how much easier getting things done is with Tim around. It has been constant GO all week and I’m not quite sure how I have gotten all the things done without him. Don’t worry, I still have a ton of things on the list and let’s just say, it’s going to be a lonnnngggg night. Added bonus! With just a few hours before i had to leave to be on time for the wedding Daisy threw up on our brand new rug, i discovered my dishwasher is officially broken with a couple gallons of standing dirty water in the bottom (and a whole other load needing to be washed!) AND BB knocked over an entire gallon of milk! Tim said “How does that all happen at once?” To which i replied “Murphy’s law?”. He so aptly responded “Did Murphy move in?”. Apparently, Tim, it appears he definitely has. I’m ready to evict him!!

So, if someone wants to come repair my dishwasher while I’m gone, DO IT! Because that fire isn’t getting out out today.

REGARDLESS- not one single thing is changing my outlook today. I am still in the very best mood! I am so excited to capture this beautiful day for my clients and then nothing is standing between me and DC!!! I am about to wriggle out of my skin, I am so excited. I am so lucky to have my very adored dog sitter and, more importantly, friend Allie accompany me on this trip. She is so dedicated to caring for some many other people day in and out, I am really looking forward to blowing off some steam and sight seeing the capitol in between appointments with her. You will see a lot of our faces in the next three days! I’m also already “ha-ha”ing knowing how much we will look like a couple going into all these IVF appointments together. But, ya know, if that was my persuasion (it definitely isn’t) i would be doing really well with Allie!

And then the IVF appointments. I am eerily calm and at peace with everything. If i had to pinpoint any anxiety that i have going into this on Tuesday, it’s that there will be no more open slots on the upcoming cycle from 8/15-10/15. Even that doesn’t have me too down though because there is always another cycle right behind that.

If you are a praying, vibing, energy transfer type, I would ask that you keep a few things in your heart for Tim, Allie and me over the next three days:

-Our safety traveling

-Thoughts for my Tim as he has to be a world away and be involved from afar for the beginning of this journey

-Patience for Allie (let’s face it, I’m emotionally high maintenance and I may get news I don’t want to hear or news that makes me reach unholy octaves in excitement)

-Calm for me, so I am able to clearly and rationally deal with any anxiety that may arise while I am gone

-Lastly, for my Aunt Paula and Uncle David since I just dropped all three of my fur kids off with them. Just pray daisy is on her best behavior, really

My bride just pulled up so I’m headed off now!!

#OperationMilliKid is officially underway!!

❤ Katie


One thought on “#OperationMilliKid

  1. First order of business is drain the dishwasher which may need a pump.
    As you set off on your adventure remember WReed is on your side and wants nothing more than for you to succeed. Enjoy the sights of our capitol, there is so much to see, as Kate and Allie take on A.R.T. (ref. to 80’s tv show)
    Can’t wait to hear the news.
    Keyword: Determination.
    Safe travels to you both!


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