I promise, all caps were completely necessary for the title of this update. I seriously cannot tell you how excited I am that this day is finally here. This day represents years of hard work, weeks of phone calls, many, many notarized forms. Emails to and from Tim, the IVF Dept and my Repro Endo … Continue reading BASELINE DAY


7 day update

Today marks 7 days since I started the birth control pills. If this confuses you, see previous posting for the details on this seemingly counter intuitive step. So far, I am feeling good! I have tolerated the hormones pretty well, though I did succumb to tears early Sunday morning after getting home from a very … Continue reading 7 day update


This week has sure been an exercise in mental health. And not an exercise in the metaphoric I'm-not-sure-I'm-gonna-make-it sense but in the more literal strength building, hitting the bags, lifting those mental weights to make you actually stronger exercises. I've encountered a recurring theme this past week. All of the well-wishers that reach out and … Continue reading Grace