All Aboard

I feel like today has been the longest day. I got up with Tim, so SUPER early. I got ready and headed out to East Memphis for my blood work and ultrasound. Even writing about this now, it feels like a week ago I had that appointment. I was in and out super quick and even got chick-fil-a for the office on the way in! They told me they would call this afternoon with my results. Of course, i was on pins and needles all day. Finalllllyyyy , late late this afternoon i got the call.

No cysts, normal estrogen, perfect uterine lining! We got the green light to continue forward. I am SO relieved. Now, i start the real meds. I’ll be taking a baby aspirin (to hopefully deal with my antiphosphlipid antigen problem) and estrogen. I told Tim this and he seemed relieved. Poor Tim, y’all say a prayer for him. I see tears looking at dog pics or watching that good episode of planet earth, dishes in the sink being outrageously infuriating, and needing a hug all in the same 15 min span in my future. And nausea. Lots of nausea. But, it’s the next step, so I’ll literally swallow that pill with gusto.

Next step is another round of bloodwork and ultrasound in the 30th! So, I’ll probably update here and there for posterity and, of course, report back after my appointment on the 30th. We will be looking for adequate estrogen levels and sufficient lining to get our next green light for transfer. For now, we just killed two pizzas and are heading to bed early because this girl is TIRED! Today, i am thankful for excellent timing – with a nasty round of storms on the way, I’m glad my appointment was today. I am thankful for quiet ovaries. I am thankful for cuddly dogs, food delivered to my front step and Netflix. Tonight i will pray for humility, patience, no headaches and especially for my husband. I pray that he also has patience, understanding, kindness and appreciation for what my body is about to endure.

See you guys back here soon 🙂

Katie ❤


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