The Original Child

On the eve of finding out if we get to continue forward with our transfer, today marks an even bigger, more important milestone! Today, the Ides of March, is my most perfect girl’s birthday. Daisy Mae Marie Frassinelli Millican turns the big 1-2 today and I have been all in my feels about it all day. Instead of blubbering about how much this dog means to me, I will just share a metric ton of photos of the last twelve years we have spent together. And I will mention, too, there is no one more excited than Daisy to have a baby to care for and protect. I hope so much that she is around to be part of yet another major life event with me. From being smuggled into the dorm, going to doggy daycare everyday, shows every weekend, many moves, many boyfriends, a wedding, training all the puppies, helping shelter pets find their forever homes, comforting the elderly and children alike and being my original right hand gal, partner in crime, furry shoulder to cry on and lover of all carbs, I could not think of a better companion for the last decade. I love you with my whole heart, Daisy and the piece of me that is you is pure gold! My first and favorite child. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Katie ❤


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