Stats Day 5

More reflections and details later. Right now I’m kicking up my heels after a long day of treating myself. Just wanted to let all my warriors know the scoop!

Now, I am pregnant until proven otherwise and I need you to pray for my two week wait!

OH! And a sneak peek of our precious embaby!

A microscopic picture of mine and Tim’s whole entire ❤️. Isn’t it perfect??

Until next time

❤ Katie


4 thoughts on “Stats Day 5

  1. Hmm. I was 1 off with 8. How did I mess that up?

    But I am betting a 99% success of implantation.

    Life is always a miracle, in the face of odds even more so. Enjoy your time with the little hovercraft. So happy for you!

    Queen time Katie.

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