September, september


September is the month of my birth! Normally, I adore birthdays. I love to throw birthday parties, anyone that attended any of Tim’s birthday parties in the last 4 years can certainly attest to that. His 35 taco fiesta is still my favorite so far. That brisket!!


Tim and me ringing the bell for my most memorable birthday four years ago the night Tim asked me to be his forever and always. 

This year, however, birthdays are kinda hard. It’s one more year that are family eludes us, one more celebration we must have without Tim and just a little more time that goes by just… waiting. If you know me, you know I’m not much of a Christmas person but birthdays, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July… all of these amazing reasons to celebrate life are so near and dear to me. It has been hard no having my other half to share those days. I really, really didn’t want to do much of anything for my birthday this year. I was hoping the day would come and go without much notice so I could just get this hard season of life over with. But then I thought, gosh, maybe God is putting this in my path RIGHT NOW for a purpose. Obviously, I am having a hard time this year. So much has happened in the movement towards starting our IVF cycle and it is coming to a head right now in September. Maybe, just MAYBE, this is some divine intervention to make my birthday not so bad this year.

I know that many people read my blog, though mostly it is family. Maybe you were planning on getting me a little happy on the 28th of this month to commemorate my coming into this world. If you fall into this category, maybe your happy to me could be a small contribution to helping me make a brand spanking new birthday in this world. A new reason to celebrate life and all the happiness that comes with it. I am going to shamelessly ask this thing for my birthday from you with full transparency. So far, we have raised a total of $1586.52 via contributions, t-shirt sales, and many, many, MANY hours of photo sessions. We are so much closer to our goal than we were six months ago but we are still a bit away from the ~$7000 it will cost for treatment as well as travel expenses for three long weeks in a pretty pricey city.

Maybe you are not in a position to donate and I completely understand that. We could also use your prayers and your good thoughts and your positive vibes. Maybe when September 28th rolls by, you can only wish me a happy birthday and if you do, I will be as grateful for that as I will be for one cent closer to our goal!

If you do feel led to donate, you can send that this way:


If not, know that I feel all your prayers and goodwill for Tim and me! And instead, just drop me a happy birthday message, it will seriously make my whole day!

Tonight I will leave you with a little hope, because I am desperate for it:


“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

John 16:33



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