DC 2.2… and 3.0

So, first, apologies. It’s been a chaotic few days that have literally felt like years. I’m sorry I didn’t update immediately, I really felt like I needed a full reboot to recover from this trip but, alas, I was not afforded that opportunity. Anyway, let me debrief the rest of the DC trip.



So, I left off after our Walter Reed trip. I was feeling so many things so quickly once we left, it was really hard to put my thumb on the actual mental take-away from the experience. Really, I just wanted to blow off some steam from all the lead-up stress and stress of the actual orientation.

And that we did! As soon as we left Walter Reed, we headed to the Arlington National Cemetery.


This was a must-do for our DC trip for me. I have been to DC several times prior to this and have never visited this truly hallowed ground. The quiet that surrounded this place was just surreal. I think it was made even more meaningful for me because of my current situation. It completely took my mind off of IVF and placed it directly with Tim. I couldn’t help but face the harsh reality about what he is doing day in and day out overseas and that the oath he took places him at risk just like the thousands of people honored at this place.  I have never served our country in armed service so I know I can’t truly understand this, but the camaraderie and pure force of the bonds of all of these people here and the ones still alive to continue their service is concrete and so felt here. It is a bond that transcends time, space, culture, distance and all other things that may separate those who are buried here and those that are not. It’s pretty powerful knowing that my husband carried the weight of all those that came before him and that I can physically see just a small representation of those people here.


Entrance to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

We were also able to actually SEE the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This place. Gosh, I just don’t even know where to start. It was really an emotional experience for me.



It also really helped that Mother Nature was showing out for us that day.

Once we left the cemetery we both needed a nap! We did a ton of walking in the three days we were there and I think it was catching up to us! I was so grateful my traveling mate was as ok with naps as I was. At that moment, it was just what we needed.

Next up, we wanted to experience some of the DC nightlife since next trip that will probably NOT be on my agenda! So, we did just that.


Allie found the coolest rooftop hangout at the top of a pretty swanky hotel.


The most awesome part of POV is that you get a birds eye view of the mall, the Washington Monument you see in the background here AND the White House! We were totally geeked and so obviously tourists. #noshame



Washington, Day 3.

Time for all our last minute sightseeing things! We got up relatively early and hit the pavement.

Most know in my 9 to 5, I deal with a lot of government procurement. First thing on day 3’s agenda was to go visit the Motherland (as I affectionately call it). Because, why actually take a full break from working?! We headed across the river for a lunch date with the people I continually harass on a daily basis for my “real” job.  It was actually awesome to be able to put faces with names and they brought the whole team out to meet me! At the end, Allie said, “Wow, I had no idea what you actually did!”. I’m glad she has more clarity now because some days I’m not sure what i actually do either! Next time I need a reminder, I’ll give Allie a ring!

After that, we headed back to DC.


Everyone wet met in DC recommended the Air and Space Museum! It did not disappoint. We enjoyed seeing all of the things even if we were both getting a little salty with the crowds.


After we got back to the hotel, we had just enough time to grab a quick bite and a drink and head to the airport to head home.

As much as I wanted to contemplate the last three days and put together and epic blog post on my return flight, I could not help but to pass out as soon as the safety brief was over. I didn’t realize then how physically, emotionally and mentally drained I was. I just can’t describe how nice it was to see this:


While we super enjoyed DC, the big city and everything it offered, there is always so much comfort in coming home. I wasn’t even upset about the convection oven-like humidity walking out of the airport sliding doors. The only thing I could’ve wanted more than my own bed, my pups cuddled up to me and solid air conditioning was my Tim ushering me back into our home.

❤ Katie



2 thoughts on “DC 2.2… and 3.0

  1. Thanks for updating. It is difficult at best but also cathartic. By posting you do not have to listen other opinions which is a plus. Huge, actually.
    I loved the guard change at tomb of the unknown soldier. I have a video of it.
    The most compelling thing in DC, and a purely peaceful place to roam. Sights and GREAT foods abound in DC, you are lucky to be in such a great city especially because there was no choice.
    Thanks for the travelogue and until the next one, Jordanian Isopod and forward!!

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