Officially official

If you haven’t read my previous postings, it may be a good time to do that. They are what I like to call “the prologue”. They were written one and two years ago. The first when we first realized we were going to have issues getting pregnant and the second when we received the hard news that our most viable option for achieving pregnancy is IVF. A lot has happened between now and then and to say it’s been a rollercoaster doesn’t do it justice. Let me catch you up to the present.

  1. Tim is deployed, and it’s just the beginning
  2. THIS:


Oh, wait… that’s an outtake that completely represents my life right now. Let’s try that again!


Thats more like it! Now, you may be scratching your head saying, “I’m sure this is not new news. I’m certain this is the literal only thing Katie ever talks about”. And you would be right!! (ish). It turns out the time/paperwork/money/testing discrepancy between knowing you need to do IVF for a chance at pregnancy and actually GETTING to DO IVF is quite vast. In reality, it is so incredibly difficult with the military schedules, my work schedule and life in general, I wasn’t sure it was even going to ever be a possibility and i found that even thinking about writing about it was very difficult. Its such a complicated process that I’m not sure I could explain it. The good news is that as of May, we are officially official patients of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Center for Reproductive Medicine. After a lot of paper work and faxing (yes, apparently people still do this – a lot) we were officially accepted into the program, and we couldn’t be more excited. There are a few struggles that an extended stay way out of town presents, but they are far outweighed by this opportunities benefits. The key benefit being that because Tim is active duty status, we are able to utilize Walter Reed at an extremely discounted rate, like one we don’t have to save for years and years (or pay for years and years) to proceed.

Since we have made this huge leap of being accepted into the program, I thought it was an ideal type to pick back up where I left of on this blog. I am excited to be able to communicate this process, my feelings about it and each of these little steps with Tim in this way. I have really come to appreciate the challenge that deployment as presented our communication. It has really pushed me to find new outlets to facilitate our new normal. Yes, it totally stinks he won’t be here for all of these firsts and my (possible) first several months of pregnancy, but I AM SO GRATEFUL we even have this opportunity, so that’s the last time I want to talk about that (don’t remind me I said that when I’m lamenting later, ok?). So, here is our OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL WE’RE DOING IVF post! I promise to continue to update you each tiny step of the way in our mega marathon!

Stay tuned! 🙂



One thought on “Officially official

  1. So excited for your journey. What a wonderful way to keep family and friends up to date. Even more fantastic, such a thoughtful way to preserve your memories and share them with your greatest love while he is away.

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