Welcome to Pee on the Sticks!

I am writing this blog for many reasons, mainly to document this infertility (<— hate that word) journey (<— don’t really like that one either) with the added wrench of deployment so I can honestly share it with my husband across the globe, my family that will be far away and as a reminder for myself about how far Tim and I have come (you know, one day when we can look way in the rearview of this). I know a lot of people that have walked down this road and since this is now a personal endeavor for me, I have read about a lot of you, too. Maybe you are close to Tim and me and want to walk with us, maybe you are looking for some hope, maybe you want to better understand a friend that is going through this process, maybe you just want some comic relief during what can be a debilitating, impersonal and invasive process. If the last one describes you, I think you may have found your place. I want to accomplish a few things here:

  1. Document my own struggles, information, and story for myself, my Tim and our family
  2. Provide an honest, transparent point of view of my own feelings during each step
  3. Distract me (and maybe you, too) with the hilarity of this whole ordeal, because I know it’s there and I am the person to find it

I want you to know that I plan on being an open book. If the subjects of daily injections, uncomfortable tests, gas, occasional foul language, deployment struggles and, well, peeing on sticks are bothersome to you, read no further. I have never been much of a sugar coater and, quite frankly glossing over uncomfortable details would do my story no justice. I strive for authenticity so one day I can look back at where I was and know that what I wrote was exactly how it was: heartbreaking, funny, awkward, gross, joyful or scary.

I hope that I am able to create something real and relatable, even if you can’t say it yourself. After all, don’t we all just want to commiserate with someone that knows how ridiculous it is that we have peed on all the sticks?



Hi! This is Tim and me! Aren’t we the cutest?


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